Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sometimes, Whining Works

Was gonna save this for a Geek Cave recording this weekend, but can't help myself... I HAVE to go into more detail here.

As you were probably aware, the PlayStation Network was taken down by hackers a while back. Once Sony restored everything, they threw out some free perks for customers that were (rightfully so) miffed over the loss of online play for around a month. Those free perks included a free month of PlayStation Plus and your choice of up to 4 free games (two for PS3, two for PSP).

The only catch? You had to claim these within 30 days. Heck, they even reiterated the date. Surely, that was enough time, right? Who'd be stupid enough to wait until after the deadline passed to claim so much free stuff?

Oh. Right.

So after gamers who were paying NOTHING to play online complained about their OWN failure to download FREE content, Sony extended the deadline, catering to those slothful, wimpering few who didn't have ten free minutes over the past 30 days to at least log in and claim the rewards (they could be officially downloaded later).

Sony, I think that was a mistake. Like a cranky two-year-old in a grocery store that finally does get that candy after making a scene, those gamers have received the same message that kid's parents send to it:

"Make a big enough stink, and we'll give you whatever you want so you'll shut up."

Mark my words, this will come back to bite you, Sony.

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