Friday, July 1, 2011

Nintendo: Failing North American Fans?

I know what you're thinking:

"But Nintendo just released Ocarina of Time 3D!"

"But Nintendo's WiiU will focus on the 'hardcore' gamer!"

"But... Super Mario for the 3DS this ChristmaHanukkahWanzaa!"

Yes, yes, yes... but that's for people all over the world. Look at NA, though, these past few days.

First, gamers cry out for localizations (and therefore official North America releases) of three of the biggest unreleased games for the Wii. Nintendo's response? "... nah."

Second, Nintendo announced today the Club Nintendo rewards for North American gamers. Of course, as is what's happened in years past, "Gold" members get a calendar. Which, while boring, is the usual gift. But in years past, Platinum gamers have gotten stuff that is - in a two-word definition - really cool.

Except this year, they get ... pins. Just... pins. No sweet statue. No Mario hat.


                                                         (Not pictured: NERD RAGE.)

Of course, fans have not responded well to this. The West is where Nintendo makes a lot... A LOT of their money. But while the East gets stuff like THIS (go on, just look through the catalogue) for Club Nintendo, and let's not forget about all of the exclusive titles, the West gets (seemingly) left in another castle.

I'll be watching the Wii U launch with great interest. Of course, I'll get another "Zelda Player." But I don't think I'll be too happy about it.

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