Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netflix's Gain, Your Loss

Go read this post.

Done? OK then. Let me explain why this is a bad thing, no matter how Netflix justifies it.

I get that companies need to make money. Fine. It's called capitalism, it's something that's a part of doing good business.

I also understand that sometimes costs go up for businesses. Again, fine.

I don't get, however, how a company that has been able to provide such services, with few changes and massive profits, can decide to suddenly slap existing customers in the face by not grandfathering in their most popular plans and instead forcing people to pay more for the exact same service as before.

Would I be this upset if I weren't already a customer? Probably not. But then, if I weren't already a customer, this would influence my decision on what plans to get.

Can't I just change my current plan? Based on my tastes, no. A lot of stuff I like isn't available to stream.

Based on my internet situation, also no. I do enjoy me some streaming. However, I now have a bandwidth cap of 50gb per month, which would be obliterated quickly if I went to streaming-only.

It's bad enough my utility company continues to do outrageous things (like raising electric rates right after a devastating tornado. And thinking about doing it again.)

It's bad enough that cable and satellite TV just cost too damned much.for little payoff (I'd maybe watch four, five channels. So $50 or more per month for my area, for just basic service, is a little nuts.)

Now what was one of the best values for entertainment is about to get a little less awesome. I highly doubt their bottom line will suffer much, but I know there are many already considering canceling.

I wish I could afford to be one of them.

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