Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 3DS is in Trouble

OK, let's look at a few things:

1) Most expensive handheld Nintendo's ever released? Check.
2) A launch described as "lukewarm" at best and "botched" at ... well not worst, but on average? Check.
3) A series of big-name games suddenly being cancelled? Check, Check, and Check.

So... just what's happening to the Nintendo 3DS? The little handheld system with the guts of a Gamecube that all those game makers were gaga over just a half-year ago? True, systems go through low spots all the time, but this is rivaling what happened to the PSP: developers are excited about it, then promptly forget about it once they realize making games for handhelds aren't as easy as they originally thought it'd be. What's left behind were a relatively small collection of great games, and a mountain of crap. The PSP was supposed to beat the DS.

Looking at the 3DS, I think the PS Vita has a legitimate shot, unless Nintendo turns the tides quickly. Public opinion is the machine's too expensive, many people (including my insurance agent) confuse the 3DS for just another DS (it's not. It's at least twice as powerful), and most people just aren't compelled by the software available and coming up (except for Zelda, Starfox, and Super Mario, two of which are remakes).

Do I regret my 3DS purchase? No. Mostly because it also plays DS games... but I'm hoping the strong third-party support that WAS promised actually shows up.

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