Friday, July 20, 2012

Tragedy in Colorado

The town of Aurora, CO is still in shock after a gunman, wearing body armor and a gas mask, came into a theater showing the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, threw a can of tear gas at the crowd, then started shooting. At the time I write this, 10 to 14 people are dead, and over 50 injured. This kind of senseless violence is inexcusable.

What's also inexcusable is the knowledge that the media will eventually settle upon blaming this man's actions on comics or video games. You think I'm reaching here? Just wait. It'll come out that he played Call of Duty or Halo once... which pretty much everyone can say they've done at some point in their lives. Then it'll turn out that since he was at a Batman movie, perhaps these comics are too violent or perhaps their movies are warping our children.

I make this prediction because I've seen it before, and am certain we'll see it again. I pray for the victims, and I pray that my colleagues in the media will call this what it is: a senseless act of violence, with likely no reason or cause other than the fact that this man is obviously evil.

Let's not blame what's not responsible. Just this once, let's blame the man for his actions, instead of trying to figure out what "made" him do it.