Friday, October 19, 2012

NHL: The "No Hockey" League

Growing up, I was a big hockey fan, and the St. Louis Blues were my team. This was likely due to the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals were terrible, and we didn't have an NFL team yet, but still, hockey remained close to my heart after both of those facts changed (although my NFL allegiance has switched from the Rams to the Chicago Bears).

That is, until the NHL hired Gary Bettman as commissioner. There have since been three lockouts, one of which resulting in the cancellation of an entire season, and this one's not looking good either.

Now, I understand wanting to be paid what you're worth, and I understand the owners wanting to get an even piece of the pie, but when the 2004 lockout cost the NHL a bunch of TV contracts and a whole lot of fans, and many fans are now saying they won't be back if this season's cancelled, you would think both sides would be doing everything they can to return to work.

I'm not too optimistic. At least there's the AHL, CHL, and so on... because, I fear, if this lockout does indeed lead to the second cancellation of an entire season in a 10-year period, the NHL may never recover.

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